Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Post Hawaii Google Apps For Education Reflections

I could spend a great amount of time today playing with words to post here. Instead here are a few links to work I have already created and sourced in the last few days as I move through reflective processing.

  1. Click here to see other collaborative reflections. Collaborative PresentationThanks +Michelle Carlson Colte
  2. Work directly translates into my personal reflections for MIT's Learning Creative Learning Year Two course which started last week. Join this MOOC here:
  3. Click here to see reflections from EdTech Mixed Plate. EdTech Mixed Plate Episode 15 Thanks +Megan Cummings +Michelle Carlson Colte +Michael Fricano II +Rachel Armstrong 
  4. Click here to see reflections from MauiLibrarian. Google Rocks, Episode 29 Thanks +Linda Lindsay 

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