Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Why Technology?

As an educator in the field of technology, I ponder what is worth teaching in this ever-changing aspect of modern life. We all know that the next and greatest new must have technology is just around the corner, with yet another learning curve. I don't have the answers, but I choose to focus on two GLOs (General Learner Outcomes - Hawaii DOE acronym): effective communicator and self directed learner. I'm not sure just how to best "teach" these attributes, but these skills are the focus in my classroom. What good is our technolgy tool if it isolates and creates robotic interactions? And, with technology immersion, how would I keep up with my small niche interest, if I didn't persue constant upgrade knowledge and inspiration? I hope my students share their own self directed learning, of their own unique niche interest. This act of sharing between and among students and teacher in the classroom keeps me engaged and inspired.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

El Dia de los Muertos

As I was beginning to prepare this post, a beautiful production on Hawaii PBS asked for my entire attention.  The production was an exchange with poet W.S. Merwin.  A few lingering words, that remain thoughts for me:

Merwin: "I'd rather be putting life back into the earth rather than taking life from it." (as the camera pans  his wife and him in their prolific garden)

Wife Paula: "He needs wide margins." (in reference to solitude and existing in places for creative spaces)

October Palette: