Sunday, October 16, 2011

Beautiful Work and the Mundanity of Excellence

A favorite hero at High Tech High is teacher Ron Berger, and author of The Ethic of Excellence.  The value of creating beautiful work is instilled and commanded in his classroom.  Producing quality work is a process.  Work is not to be rushed and completed as a means to check off "done" on the "to do list".  If we are not instilling this value of appreciation for the process in our children, we are failing to educate them.  And... failure too is part of the process.  Beauty and quality are reflections of our humanity successes.  True beauty and quality require the essence of love: love and passion.  It is this passion that pushes us through the details, that keeps us alive during the mundanity of the process as we create that best possible product.

Friday, October 7, 2011

(1) 20th century + (1) 21st century = (2) innovative visionary engineers - source for Apple logo - source for Minnie image

Saturday, October 1, 2011


Tempted to title this first post, post-manifestation, I pause.  Post-manifestation would suggest being finished with manifestation.  Creativity, however is always calling for new manifestations.  Manifestation keeps things fresh so long as there is momentum.  Without action, manifestation can be a complacent place to rest - and get stuck.  After spending seven weeks in manifestation a friend helped me realize I need to act.  Manifestation of ideas is great, but courage produces action.  I am choosing to jump in.  The momentum will carry me through the fear, hurdles, successes and new manifestations.