Thursday, November 28, 2013

Joyful Gratitude

There are so many reasons and ways to be thankful today and every day. Yesterday I received a surprise email which created joy tears and chicken skin. With small changes, the ripples carry.

At the beginning of the year a second grade teacher on campus volunteered to bring her kids once a week to a creative computing session that we ran together. (OK – well that I 'ran' but both of us tinkered and played together with the kids.) This session was in addition to the weekly allotted computer time they already receive. (This extra session was even during their traditional reading block!)

Because of various affects to the schedule due to holidays and other small/big changes creating ripples around campus, our extra creative computing session lost its momentum.

Yesterday I received the email below with an image of a proud student holding the monitor.

Today we had a turkey drawing contest!  Using our programming software Turtle Art, who could come up with a program to design a turkey? And the winner is Kainoa Smith.

This second grade teacher found her own joy in playing and creating in TurtleArt and now the computers in her homeroom are being used to program! The ripples are carrying!

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