Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Week One Reflections: LCL2

My current memory:

I did not find a love or disdain of fly fishing. I chose to read and draw and be. It is the shared time with family members along the river bank, or in car rides to and from the cabin, that I now treasure. Unlike my older sister Jennie who ended up making a living out of fly fishing, I became a dedicated fisherperson only when my little brother would venture back to the parked car to tell me his catch number. I would then put the book or drawing pad down to go out on a mission to surpass. It is in my later years that I realize the minor details of the catch. The study of entomology, the cycle of life; and yes I tied some Woolley Buggahs that caught plenty Rainbow, Brook and Brown Trout!

My response from last year:

Gears from My Childhood

It is funny.  I read Paupert's affinity for gears at age two, and my first reaction is, "Gosh, I don't remember age two.  I certainly didn't dream of gears.  He must be brilliant.  I must be no one important or of worthy sharings because I must not be a prodigy like him."

And then I pause.  Gears no.  Color yes.  I have always seen light.  I remember squinting my eyes and seeing the color spectrum floating like molecules all around me in little 'u' shapes.  I told my mom, "But yes, yes you can see air."

Whether or not you can 'see air' this was an ah-ha experience.  I still look for the rainbows.  It is funny.  We are all so different.  We all have a slice of prodigy.

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